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About Young Stars

... from yesterday ...

Around 1990 Herbert Baier (Jüngsten Cup Köln-Germany) and Jos Hermans (+) (Cup Carl Gantois Overpelt-Belgium) - after coming to the conclusion that as tournament organizers, it might be better to cooperate with each other
instead of fighting one another - founded the Young Stars Association.

France was represented by Pierre Rolet from TAGA Gruissan/Paris.

  • Four nations,
  • four different organizers,
  • four different tournaments,
  • a number of persons, all with a rather strange common goal:
    tennis for the U14!

It certainly wasn't an easy job to create "a platform for cooperation"
cooperation between persons with a strong personality, character, experience, and with the usual dose of suspicion.

Bring everyone in line, put on a par, take care to be on the same wavelength, whatever expression you like, it was "You should just do it!

A lot of things happened:

  • Cup Carl Gantois went from Overpelt to Waregem, from Waregem to Ede, from Ede to Eindhoven, from Eindhoven to Leeuwarden.
  • In 1996 the Ligue des Hauts-de-Seine "FFT Fédération Française de Tennis" bought the tournament TAGA-Gruissan/Paris (name and date) from Pierre Rolet and renamed it into "Le 13/14 des Hauts-de-Seine". In 2013 the Ligue des Hauts-de-Seine "FFT Fédération Française de Tennis" withdrew from the Young Stars Association and the FFT introduced as replacement the tournament "Balle Mimosa Loire Atlantique" in Nantes.
  • In 1997 "Open des Jeunes - Stade Français" joined the YSA.
  • From March 1999 Excelsior Tennis Club-Hasselt became a member of the YSA with the Young Champions Cup.

All these changes did not make it easier to create this common "platform for cooperation".

However, looking on the past years, this platform existed/exists!
Mutual understanding with respect for the own peculiarities of persons and organizations is the basis for the cooperation in the YSA.

... till today ...

The Young Stars Tournaments today are 5 top level events for both girls and boys, all part of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour "14 & Under" 2017. The tournaments take place during the months July and August 2017. Enclosed you will find information on the Young Stars Tournaments 2017, including the fact sheets of the 5 tournaments:

  • BNP Paribas Cup - Stade Français -
    Paris (France - category 1)
  • Windmill Cup -
    (The Netherlands - category 1)
  • Balle Mimosa -
    Nantes - Atlantique (France - category 2)
  • 40. Internationale Deutsche Tennismeisterschaft U14 -
    Dueren (Germany - category 1)
  • Young Champions Cup -
    Hasselt (Belgium - category 1)

These 5 tournaments are set up as a cooperation, with professional organisation and world class level of play. About twenty qualification tournaments are organised by ITF through the respective regional bodies in Africa, Asia, China, Eastern Europe and South America.

This guarantees participation of the best junior players from the five continents. Because of this high standard, only players of an international high level are directly accepted into the Main Draw. Individual information on each player must be given to the organizers in order to give them the opportunity to determine the direct allowance on the Main Draw. Not all the tournaments do organize qualifications for all those not meeting the cut level.
Boarding and lodging for teams are provided under the rules of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. Travel arrangements are made available from one tournament to the next at minimal cost.
Enclosed you will find information on the Young Stars Tournaments 2017, including the fact sheets of the 5 tournaments and an important IPIN information:

Young Stars Asssociation - secretary@young-stars.org - Imprint